Free Online Games There are many types of online games that provide both fun and entertainment. Many websites offer the free online games. If you are tired of playing the normal shooting and racing games then you can make a try on the point and click games. It is applicable for all the age groups to play the point and click games it is in the form of a story where the characters can interact in the games. This game includes clicking the clickable area and when you make the clicks some action happens according to the rules of the games. They are designed with exclusive graphics and effective background music to create an excitement while playing the games. Some of the point and click games include Minto games, Anika, Samrost etc… Most of the online games are the complex games which is easy to play. They are user friendly that it saves automatically at the stopping point so that you can start from that point. They take only few seconds to load and you don’t feel like completing the game and you obviously get addicted to the game. The Hidden Object Games have wonderful graphics, music, a story line, etc… the game is full of mystery and adventure for experience. The game is very interesting with the twist and turn with the puzzles adding a new feature to the hidden object game. You can easily download the hidden object games from any gaming website and there is a 60 minute free trial offer.